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Basie started this conversation
I am 51 years old and building me and my wife's future, but I lost all our money in dealing with companies that trade with binary options. I've lost everything and my wife is not aware of it. I can not tell her either because that will mean the end of her. Please, I need help, please. I need $5000 (or 3000 British pound or 5000 euros). I am begging for help. I can tell you about all the hell I went through, but I don't know if I should do it here because I do not want someone to get bored with anything I do. I am new at this, but just maybe, there will be somebody willing to help me. This is an emergency situation and I want everybody to know I am not just asking for financial help or a financial life line, I am begging for it. My life now and my future depends on it. I will pay the money back. Thank you.
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